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Using Automation to Deliver Energy Cost Savings for the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Louisa Hamlin on 15-Aug-2017 13:46:42
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BidEnergy and KPMG provide cost saving solution for Global Family Restaurant Chain. 

BidEnergy is pleased to announce that it has signed a global family restaurant chain to its cloud-based subscription service.

The BidEnergy platform provides insights into energy consumption and spending across the business and facilitates energy suppliers to bid to provide the most cost-effective service. Automation through the platform will enable the family dining chain to reduce its utility costs and enhance administrative efficiency in reporting, analytics and payment processes across its Australian-based operations.

The agreement came on the back of a processing efficiency initiative led by KPMG Australia, where BidEnergy presented its case for eliminating manual processing of bills. The initial contract is for a 12-month term, with a 24-month extension option.

Brad and Stuart.jpgBrad West, Director at KPMG Australia with Stuart Allinson, BidEnergy Director Global and Strategic Accounts

The coordinated approach is the first to take place since KPMG Australia and BidEnergy announced their alliance in November last year, where the two agreed to jointly pursue opportunities for the deployment of the BidEnergy platform, in combination with KPMG Australia consulting services.

“The deal is a first fruit of our alliance with KPMG, reflecting the quality of clients we are able to reach and the value of our joint approach,“ said Stuart Allinson, Director Global and Strategic Accounts BidEnergy.

Peter Liddell, KPMG’s Head of Supply Chain, KPMG Australia adds: “We are thrilled with the success of this first venture. We look forward to working with BidEnergy on more opportunities where we can provide a holistic approach and drive added value to our clients.”


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