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NGER: Now is a good time to gather your emissions data

Posted by Stuart Allinson on 25-May-2017 11:32:38
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Get your data prepared ahead of the October 31st deadline.

NGER, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, is an Australian statutory annual reporting requirement. Heavy fines are handed down to companies who fail to lodge a report, or if underlying procedures fail an audit. That's the downside. On the upside, reporting creates a great discipline on any business seeking to track and reduce its energy use and emissions.

Here’s eight tips to help you prepare and lodge your report on time:

  1. Check your reporting obligations. Your emissions may have changed due to corporate activity, while your reporting threshold may be as low as 25,000 tonnes CO2-e.

  2. Check your organisation structure. Joint ventures and contracted services can create liabilities if you aren't clear on which entity will submit the report.

  3. Prepare early and continuously. It is easy if you automatically receipt and validate metered consumption and invoice data – errors may affect the accuracy of your reports.

  4. As a director you are liable – if the business can’t produce an accurate site list or an audit trail back to source data, you should ask questions. You are at risk of significant fines if your approach is deficient on key information.

  5. Keep the Clean Energy Regulator informed. If you are running into trouble, better to let them know than bury your head in the sand. The regulator has a pro-business stance.

  6. If you are gathering the data, keep your directors informed. They carry the can if the business stuffs up – so better to fess up if you have data problems than pretending the problem will go away.

  7. It's the small things that catch you out. Poorly maintained asset registers and paper invoices make recording, reviewing and reporting hard. Insist on actual GST invoices in electronic format wherever possible.

  8. Don’t leave it to the last minute. If you haven't already started gathering data for this financial year, now is a good time to start! BidEnergy customers are able to download a validated report the day after the year end.

Do you need help getting your energy data prepared? BidEnergy can help you gain control of your energy reporting using automation

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