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Getting Paid for Energy Efficiency

Posted by Phil Adams on 08-Apr-2017 17:50:43
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Adopting energy-efficiency measures – from lighting retrofits to HVAC, mechanical, refrigeration and new construction – requires financial planning. With hundreds of utilities covering service territories across the U.S., each offering different financial incentives for particular energy-efficiency programs, CFOs at multi-site operations have their hands full trying to decide:

1. What rebates are available, and which ones does my company qualify for?
2. Based on current energy-efficiency rebates and which measures make the most financial sense for which of my sites?
3. Once we decide which energy-efficiency measures to undertake at particular sites, how can we ensure we receive, and continue to receive, the right rebates, in the right amount?
4. How can I look at energy usage and performance across my sites to rank order which ones we should slot next for energy-efficiency measures?

BidEnergy is tackling these challenges through automation.

In 2016 we acquired RealWinWin, the top energy-efficiency rebate administration company in the U.S., adding their exhaustive database of energy-efficiency programs and rebate terms to help build upon our product road map.

By augmenting our automated Source-to-Pay process with rebate administration, we now have a unique capability to minimize the costs of energy and the complexity of implementing and managing the execution of energy strategy for your business across every site in every service territory.

Traditional category management software couldn’t handle the scope complexity and regulatory nuance of energy, leaving a significant profit opportunity hiding in plain sight. BidEnergy’s platform puts control back in your in the CFO’s hands, arming companies finance with the information and error-free execution needed to reduce both direct and indirect costs associated with their energy spend.

Now you can lower the price you pay for energy, verify and execute all your energy payments, and maximize the amount utilities pay you to become more efficient in a hands-free manner.

Save money. Gain control.

That’s the power of energy accounting automation. That’s BidEnergy.

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