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Posted by Louisa Hamlin on 05-Jul-2017 12:21:45
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Since 2015, BidEnergy have been hosting free Masterclasses. 

We are a team of passionate energy industry professionals with a commitment to sharing our knowledge with procurement and finance professionals to help them navigate the complexities of managing their energy portfolio.

Understanding the far-reaching challenges of energy category management in the world today, we have taken our Masterclasses to cities across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Facilitated by members of the BidEnergy leadership team, our learning events are led by Director Stuart Allinson, who has more than 30 years’ experience in engineering, business services, energy and utilities. Stuart is also a member of Australia’s Climate Change Authority.


Stuart Allinson, Melbourne Masterclass, 6 June, 2017.

The 2017 mid-year Masterclass series, which concluded in June, attracted delegates from all over Australia, representing a range of industries including banking, aged care, retail, government and water utilities.

Joining Stuart Allinson as host of the round table sessions was our charismatic Head of Delivery, Domenic Chiavone. With over a decade of experience in consulting service delivery and energy category management, Dom is most passionate about sharing his knowledge of the Australian Energy Market.

Together, Stuart and Dom facilitated discussions around how automation can assist with regaining financial control of energy spend, while helping to deliver best practice contracting in volatile and unpredictable energy markets. 

Encouraged by the interactive round table format of the sessions, delegates participated in robust and lively discussions, while sharing their challenges and successes.

 Domenic_masterclass.pngDomenic Chiavone addresses delegates at Melbourne Masterclass, 6 June, 2017.

Resonating most with delegates was how price hikes have placed electricity and gas spend under more scrutiny than ever before. Themes that also consistently cropped up across the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne sessions included:

  • Government intervention in the market and at the time, the anticipated release of the 2017 Finkel report.
  • Relying on "average" is no longer good enough. Stakeholders want to know what is going on down to the site level.
  • Energy focus has shifted from operational cost to operational risk. The journey commences with understanding usage, using energy smarter then buying better. Automation of data capture validation and processing greatly assists in this journey.
Key takeaway:

Automation turns a periodic event  into a continuous cycle of cost control. Through robotic process automation, organisations can automate low value tasks using an integrated industry platform that drives additional value while allowing stakeholders to maintain a more customer centric approach to their business. 

Looking forward, we have already started planning for our next series of events, kicking off with our new live webinar series in August and a Masterclass in Auckland, New Zealand.

Does this sound like a learning environment you would like to become a member of? 

Do you want to leverage the experience of others to learn how you can do more with your energy portfolio?

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